Friday, May 21, 2010

Family Friendly for this Weekend

The big event going on around town is the Fargo Marathon. The 5K is happening right now, and the 10K, Half Marathon and Full Marathon start tomorrow morning, between 7:00 and 8:00AM.

For a fun and free time, head out on one of the race routes to cheer on a friend, or just anyone! Lots of neighborhoods break out the grills and boom-boxes and just have a good time. Or, head over to the Fargo Dome to watch the jumbo-tron finish!

You might remember that I decided to join the ranks of the runners back when there was a coupon on registration, because we all know what coupons can do to us! No, really, this is a good personal challenge for me and I did need an excuse to get back into an exercise routine. Here I am earlier today picking up my race packet with my biggest little cheerleader:

Please excuse my morning hair and the fact that my kiddo is chewing on her sign and won't smile unless ice cream is involved. I just thought I'd give you a little peek into my world. :)

What are you up to this weekend? Are there other free events going on around town that you plan to attend? Leave a comment if you know of anything that others might be interested in!


  1. Not here in Fargo, but the free air show at the Grand Forks Air Force Base is tomorrow. The Thunderbirds will be there! Have fun running tomorrow! :)

  2. I did my first 5K this evening at the age of 51. It was lots of fun. I really appreciated the people who cheered us on along the way--especially the family that left their lawn springler on, and the young man who was spraying people with water as we ran by!

  3. Anonomous, that is awesome! I heard on the news that some people were putting sprinklers on. I was just remembering last year at this time as I watched the race with mittens on! I'm thinking sprinklers might feel good tomorrow, too. :)

  4. You two are too cute! We need to get together again.

  5. There is a Porshe car show at Valley Imports with FREE food from The WerksWagen! ( Starts at 11am and everyone is welcome.

  6. Awesome thanks for the pic of you two so cute.
    Hopefully you can keep on the excercise momentum...Stacy and I love to go together.