Friday, May 21, 2010

Weekend Coupon Preview

We should find 2 inserts in this weekend's papers, a Smartsource and a RedPlum. Lots of coupons! For a full preview, head over to the Sunday Coupon Preview.

There should be several Unilever coupons (Hellmann's, Wishbone, Ragu, Knorr, etc) that can be used in conjunction with this week's deals at Cash Wise and Sunmart. Hurry, though - the deals end tomorrow as well!

I like to buy the Star Tribune in our area, because it carries the largest coupon inserts. In addition, I like to buy the Star Tribune on Saturdays, because it only costs .75, and normally includes all the Sunday inserts! Now, check the papers and this post before you head out, because it seems like every so often we're shorted an insert or 2, and then you'll want to decide whether it's better to pay the full $2 on Sunday and get all the inserts. For more on this, read my article here.

As you know, I'll be wandering somewhere looking for the finish line tomorrow morning, so I need your help! If anyone heads out heads out early for papers and finds all, some or none of the inserts, please come back and leave a comment so others can know what to look for as well!

Y'all are the best! Have a great weekend!


  1. I was out about 7 this am & the gas station near me on University only had the SS. :-( Hoping to check out CVS in an hour or so... I'll keep you posted it I do.

    Good luck on your race! Try & stay dry. (Praying for you!)

  2. I was in Fergus this morning and they only had the SS. Osgood Hornbacher's also only had the SS.

  3. Sorry so late in the day but Holiday in MHD. only had the smartsource too.