Friday, May 14, 2010

More Cashwise Deals + Lunchables Update

I told you here about the Lunchables deal at Cashwise this week. Now I have some updates!

The Deli Creations Cracker Combinations that are $1 each are also triggering the $1 Catalina coupon. To sweeten the deal, there is a few $1 Deli Creations coupons available. Find them here and in the May issue of All You magazine. We'll also be getting another $1 coupon in tomorrow and Sunday's Star Tribune! Add that to your $1 Lunchables coupon from the 3/21 SS, and you should be set to make a few bucks while bringing home some Deli Creations and Lunchables as well!

Edit: As of today, Saturday, the Deli Creations Cracker Combinations don't seem to be triggering a Catalina.  Still free after coupons, but no $1 Catalina.  Since there were no details posted in the store, I can't say if they should be or not, but just thought I'd let you all know!

Lastly, about the same Catalina deal, I purchased 3 this morning in one transaction (2 Deli Creations, 1 Lunchable Sub), and got 3 separate $1 coupons! So, we know you can purchase at least 3 and still get $3 back! :)

Also, I've not verified this for myself, but I've heard reports of the Marcal Bath Tissue 4 packs being just over $2. We have a $2 coupon from the 4/25 SS that will make these 4 packs really inexpensive! If anyone has seen the exact price on these, could you let us know by commenting or emailing me? Thanks!

Have you found any other awesome deals at Cashwise this week?


  1. At the Fargo store the Marcal toilet paper is marked around $2.29, but rang up at $1.99 for me yesterday and all I had to pay was the $.14 tax.

  2. I bought two of the Deli Creations Cracker Combinations at the Fargo Cashwise today, and it didn't trigger any catalinas. But I had a $1 off coupon for each one (making them both free), so I'm not complaining! I also was able to get 4 pkg of Marcal toilet paper free by using the $2 coupons.

  3. I don't know about Moorhead, but in Fargo, the Cracker combinations didn't give the catalina, only the sandwich ones.

  4. Yesterday I was given a $1 Lunchables catalina for the subs AND the also for the Cracker Combos. I went back today, and strangely got coupons only for the Lunchables subs. No complaints here either, as they were free after coupons. But strange, because usually those promos run and end together.

    I asked at the customer service counter, but got zero info. Apparently if it's not posted on the shelves they have no knowledge of the promos either. In fact, she didn't believe me til she rang a Lunchable up herself and a coupon printed out. Just out of curiosity I'll probably call Catalina marketing Monday morning just to try to get some info.

    I'll keep y'all posted... :)