Wednesday, October 27, 2010

All You Magazine for $7/year, Today Only!

Wow, I'm loving all the new Daily Deal sites! Today, a new one for you and a HOT deal on All You Magazine!

Today and tomorrow only, Eversave is offering a $26 credit to Blue Dolphin Magazines for only $12. Even better, if you're new to Eversave, you'll instantly get a $5 discount today on your purchase!

When you get your Blue Dolphin code (in 2 days), purchase All You magazine for FREE after your credit! So, for $7 spent on the credit, you'll get a 1 year subscription to ALL You Magazine! You'll have more than enough credit to purchase a 1 year subscription to All You or many other magazines!

In all my years watching this magazine, this is hands down the LOWEST price I've ever seen on it. You can purchase up to 5 Blue Dolphin codes through Eversave today to use on anything Blue Dolphin sells.

This is HOT. I just purchased mine. Want to know why I love All You Magazine?  High value coupons that aren't available elsewhere.  Head over here to read more about it.

Go.  Now.  Buy it.  Love a couponer?  Give it as a gift.  Seriously.  :)


  1. How do you make sure it extends your current subscription without just adding another one so you get two magazines every month?

  2. Samantha, I'm not sure if you can or not. I feel like with other deals I've seen on it you can choose to extend your current subscription. Maybe check with Blue Dolphin Customer care before you purchase the "save" from eversave if you absolutely don't want 2 copies at once.

  3. Samantha and others who have been wondering, under the deal info when you click my link, there is a tab to "discuss this save."

    Here's the answer Blue Dolphin gave to your question: Yes, you can renew your existing subscriptions with this offer. Just make sure when you are entering your name and address information that you match exactly what is on your magazine's mailing labels

  4. Okay, took the plunge. I'll give this magazine a try.

  5. Has anyone gotten their magazine yet?