Saturday, November 27, 2010


Happy Thanksgiving!  I've had a busy few days celebrating with family and friends, but am so thankful for you, my readers as well! 

Thanks for reading FM Cheapskate, thanks for commenting, emailing and saying hi when you see me at the store.  Thanks to those of you that share with me how saving on your groceries has changed your budget for the better.  Thanks for those of you that just have to tell me how much you saved at the store by shopping sales with coupons!  I love to hear your stories!

You are the reason I write FM Cheapskate. 

Thank you!

FM Cheapskate

P.S.  It's almost been one year that FM Cheapskate has been a reality.  Look forward to some celebrating in the coming weeks! 


  1. Sheila,
    Once again, I want to say thank you for FM Cheapskate. You have helped my family save a great deal of money this year. I'm sure you must put in quite a bit of time each week and we appreciate it very much. Keep up the excellent work for families in the FM area!
    Vonnie in Mhd

  2. I agree with Vonnie. I might catch some of the deals you post, but never all of them and not with all the awesome coupons. Thanks for making that much easier to succeed! Love ya girl. j!

  3. Thanks Sheila for the effort and time you put into this website. I've been saving some mad money since I started couponing this fall. And we need to with 2 kids in daycare, and a husband in grad school. Last night I taught my husband how to coupon, and when we went to Cashwise together, he stunned the checkout lady with all the coupons he used at once. :) Happy Thanksgiving!