Saturday, November 27, 2010

Weekend Coupon Preview

I hope you've had a nice Thanksgiving holiday! There usually aren't coupons in the papers on holiday weekends, but according to the Sunday Coupon Preview, there should be a P&G insert this weekend.

If the Star Tribune has it in today's (Saturday's) papers, save money and buy papers today at $0.75!

Let us know if you find it in today's papers if you go out and about!


  1. I just checked at Hornbacher's and there were no coupons in today's Tribune. It was a very thin paper. There was one store flyer and a parade.

  2. Yup I checked at Loaf N Jug on North U and no coupons

  3. The Fargo Forum had the P&G insert on Sunday, but unfortunately it is $2 instead of 75 cents for the Star Tribune! There were some good coupons, though, so it should more than pay for itself.